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Liability Insurance for Use of School Facilities

The district procedural directive Buildings and Grounds: Non-School Use of Albuquerque Public Schools Facilities requires facility users to provide proof of insurance.

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The facility user must provide proof of general liability insurance in the form of a
certificate of insurance. The certificate of insurance should show building user
general liability insurance policy limits in an amount of not less than $1 Million.
Certificates of insurance should include the name of the insurance company,
name and address of the insured, type of policy, policy period, the insurer's A.M.
Best rating, the policy's coverage trigger (occurrence or claims made), a
description of the activity and the date(s) of the activity.

The certificate of insurance shall include an endorsement that names APS as an
additional insured to the building user's insurance policies listed. Certificates of
insurance shall provide that thirty (30) days written notice be mailed to Director of
Risk Management, Albuquerque Public Schools, P.O. Box 25704,
Albuquerque, NM 87125-0704 before a policy is canceled, materially changed, or not renewed. APS Accounting Department should be named as the certificate holder.

Users are free to obtain this insurance from the commercial insurance agent or

broker of their choice. Agents and brokers can be found in the "Insurance" section of the telephone directory's business listings.

Note: The district does not endorse any insurance broker or require facility users to purchase insurance from any particular broker.