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Benefits of TipWebIT

Learn about the benefits of TipWeb-IT, our APS inventory system.

Benefits of TipWebIT Checkout

The checkout feature in TipWebIT (APS inventory system) is important. It accounts for the asset without the asset, or staff/student in possession of the asset, having to be present during the audit. The TipWebIT inventory will not look for assets checked out to staff or students, because the system accounts for them.

This is extremely important for several reasons:

  • Many staff and students have mobile devices and are now often offsite during inventory, or work off-site most of the time.
  • The size of the district makes it hard to have everyone present at the time your site is being inventoried, and this feature alleviates that to a large degree.
  • This ensures that the staff and students in possession of the device have assumed responsibility in case the asset is lost or damaged.
  • This confirms staff and students do not have to be present or rearrange schedules around the inventory.
  • We will not have to disturb staff or students if the only devices they possess are checked out in TipWebIT.
  • Most importantly, it will significantly lower the quantity of missing assets in your reconciled inventory.