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APS Inventory FAQ

Albuquerque Public Schools Inventory Frequently Asked Questions updated Nov. 2021

What types of assets are included in a Physical Inventory?

All computers (any price) and any non-computer asset purchased at $1,000 per asset:


  • Computing Equipment (CPUs, tablets, laptops, servers, etc.)
  • Other sensitive electronics (TVs, smartboards, TI graphing calculators etc.)
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Vocational equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Athletic Equipment more than $1,000 per asset

What do we need to do to prepare for Inventory?

Mobile devices are required to be checked out to staff and students in TipWebIT. These assets do not have to be scanned during inventory, as the TIPWebIT checkout system accounts for these assets. Please visit Benefits of TipWebIT Checkout FY22 for more details.

Please notify essential staff on site that the CFS team will be present on the day of your physical inventory, and will need to enter every room. Having essential school staff set out tagged assets the day we are conducting inventory will keep disruption at a minimum.

  • Have a key available for rooms that cannot be opened with the key we will bring to your site. 
  • Leave all APS Owned Devices in the room/location where it is typically utilized and ACCESSIBLE. 
  • Leave out all Donated Assets to be scanned into inventory computers and non-computers more than $1000 per asset (, CNM, etc) 
  • Ensure all technology and barcoded assets are accessible and not locked in cabinets, drawers, or personal spaces on the day(s) of the inventory.
  • Provide access or codes to laptop/iPad carts. Centralize mobile laptop/iPad carts by site, building, building floor or some feasible categorization according to your site. 
  • Remove cases from assets that remain on site (i.e. iPad/Laptop) that make the barcodes inaccessible.
  • Secure any personally owned devices that you have purchased out of pocket.

Where do I go to get additional answers to my questions?

Please contact or Lead Inventory Specialist