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Activity Fund Support

We support over 140 schools and/or departments managing activity funds site-based.

Contact Information

Phone: (505) 880-3725

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How we support 

  • training school/department personnel
  • providing quality customer service
  • monitoring monthly activities and conducting internal audits to ensure compliance with federal regulations, state statutes and district policies and procedures
  • investigating alleged fraudulent activities related to activity funds are conducted on an as-needed basis 
  • performing audits of the operational/federal financial transactions are conducted when there is a change in school principal 

This office also compiles with the District’s lost/stolen items report for submission to the State Auditor on an annual basis as required by State Statute.


  • Main Phone: (505) 880-3725

Contact Us

Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Joyce Ramirez
Activity Fund Support, Manager
Bernadette Davila
Activity Fund Support, Staff Auditor
Lara Carter
Activity Fund Support, Specialist
Cassandra Patterson
Activity Fund Support, Specialist
Flor Ibarra
Activity Fund Support, Specialist
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