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Request for Travel Approval Process

Find out how to request approval to travel.

How Do I Request Travel?

Important: For Travel Reimbursement Requests

The Traveler should ensure they have Lawson vendor number for reimbursement of allowable travel expenses. Contact for assistance.

Step 1: Traveler Submits the Travel Request Form

Attention! Do not register, reserve, or book any travel until you receive your (TAN) Travel Authorization Number.
  1. APS Employee identifies travel and collects information only (event, hotel, air-fare, transportation, etc.) for the Request for District Travel Form.
  2. APS Employee downloads, fills out completely, and signs Request for District Travel Form to obtain approval for travel.
  3. APS Employee submits the Request for District Travel Form to Supervisor for signature for approval.
  4. Important! The Request for District Travel Form is submitted to APS Accounts Payable with the following information attached:
    • Conference/Event Registration details (could be from website). NOTE: Do not register.
    • Hotel and room rate details (could be from website). NOTE: Do not reserve rooms.
    • Flight details (could be from website). NOTE: Do not book flights.

Step 2: District Admin Completes Approval Workflow

  1. Request for Travel Form is reviewed for completeness by Accounts Payable
  2. Accounts Payable forwards Request for Travel Form to Grants Management Department for approval (if applicable).
  3. Grants Management Department reviews, approves and returns Request for Travel Form to Accounts Payable (if applicable).
  4. Accounts Payable forwards Request for Travel Form to Next Level Administrator and Superintendent or designee for approval.
  5. Approved Request for Travel Form is returned to Accounts Payable.
  6. Accounts Payable assigns TAN (Travel Authorization Number).
  7. Accounts Payable informs Traveler and/or Secretary/Bookkeeper that travel is approved and provides TAN (Travel Authorization Number) to Traveler and/or Secretary/Bookkeeper.

Step 3: Traveler Books the Travel

You can now register, reserve and/or book travel. Make sure to obtain receipts for the actual expenses.

  1. Traveler and/or Secretary/Bookkeeper finalizes travel expenses.
  2. Traveler and/or Secretary/Bookkeeper enters requisitions into Infor Lawson and adds TAN (Travel Authorization Number) to requisition comments section.

Attention! Make sure to include actual receipts and the Travel Authorization Form in AttachIt:

  • Conference/Event Registration Document: NOTE: Register for Conference/Event
  • Hotel Confirmation/Registration Document: NOTE: Reserve room
  • Airfare Flight Itinerary/Confirmations: NOTE: Book flight(s)

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Contact Information

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