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Guidelines for Travel Reimbursement

Expenses that apply to APS employee out of pocket expenses incurred in connection with approved District business.

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Eligible Expenses

Expenses that are of a personal nature, or expenses that would be incurred whether or not the employee was on District business are not eligible for reimbursement. The list below is not all inclusive, other items may be deemed as reimbursable/non-reimbursable by APS Accounts Payable Staff for travel.

Reimbursable Expenses

  • Meals – must have itemized receipts
  • Tips – Not to exceed 18% pre-tax
  • Airline Baggage Fees
  • Parking Fees – Airport parking with approved travel
  • Parking Fees – out of town, when approved for rental car
  • Toll Fees – when rental car is approved
  • Fuel – when rental car is approved
  • Car rental insurance – only if required and approved by the District as indicated on the Request for District Travel
  • Transportation – to and from destination airport, hotel, conference venue or other location necessitated by the business trip.
    • Pickup and drop off locations must be identified.
    • Street addresses (i.e. as show on Uber receipts) without being identified will not be accepted for reimbursement. This can be written in next to the taped receipt.
  • Lodging – when paid by employee and approved in advance
  • Airline Ticket – when paid by employee and approved in advance
  • Conference Fee – when paid by employee and approved in advance
  • Mileage/Instate – current mileage rate per State guidelines, reimbursement covers fuel
  • Mileage/Out of State – cannot exceed common carrier most economical fare, will be reimbursed the lesser amount (airfare or mileage)

Non-Reimbursable Expenses

  • Alcohol
  • Non-itemized Meal Receipts – credit card only receipts are not reimbursable
  • Meals upon return to home base
  • Excessive Tipping – refer to reimbursable expenses
  • Food/snacks that do not include overnight travel
  • Illegible Receipts
  • Misc Items – Hotel Mini Bar, magazines, toiletries, medicine, souvenirs
  • Entertainment Expenses – entrance fees to tourist attractions, sporting events, etc.
  • Life, Flight or baggage insurance
  • Spouse or guest travel
  • Transportation for personal trips – malls, restaurants, sporting events, etc
  • Loss or theft of personal funds or property
  • Parking tickets/traffic violations
  • In-Room movies – if additional charges are incurred
  • Room Service/Delivery Charges
  • Laundry and dry cleaning expenses
  • Educational Materials – purchase of educational materials while attending a conference are not reimbursed thru travel. Reimbursement may be considered once a requisition has been entered and approved upon return to work site
  • Auto Repairs – repairs to personal vehicle when on District approved travel
  • Pet sitting, child care, home care expenses
  • Airline Fees – seat upgrades, early boarding
  • Transportation from home residence to airport and back
  • Bike sharing or electric scooter rentals