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Tax Exempt Requests

Information about how to initiate a donation exceeding $5,000, and how to request a Nontaxable Transaction Certificate, 501.C.3 Status Letter, or District W-9.

To make sure you are directed to the appropriate department to get the correct document, please read and select from the information below.

For Purchases

If you are making a purchase (exchanging goods or services for money), and you believe your purchase meets the criteria for being exempt from New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax, you require a Nontaxable Transactions Certificate (NTTC).

  • The NTTC is original to each entity you are purchasing from and bears the New Mexico State Tax Identification Number of both the district and the entity you’re purchasing from. Therefore, it is not possible to get one NTTC and provide it to all entities you’re purchasing from.
  • You must request a new NTTC for each entity you purchase from.
  • A “tax exempt letter” or the District’s W-9 cannot and must not be used to exempt your purchases from New Mexico Gross Receipts Tax, because the “tax exempt letter” and W-9 bear the district’s Federal Tax Identification Number (there is no such thing as a federal tax on purchases).


For Donations Exceeding $5,000

If an entity is donating items or money to your school free of charge and the value exceeds $5,000, the Chief Business Office needs to be notified so that the proper steps can be initiated.

For Donations Free of Charge and Under $5,000

If an entity is donating items or money to your school free of charge and the value does not exceed $5,000, you require the “501.C.3 Status Letter” (commonly referred to as the “tax exempt letter”). This letter explains our tax status to the donor and serves as documentation to the donor of their donation for their records.

District W-9 Requests

If an entity asks you for the District's W-9, you will need to request this from the accounting department. When one signs a W-9, they are officially certifying, under penalty of perjury, certain stipulations regarding their tax information and status, and only the District accounting office is designated as a valid signer on behalf of the District.

  • You may not fill out and sign a W-9 on behalf of the District.
  • Valid distribution of the District’s W-9 will be rare and will be under the sole discretion of the District accounting department.
  • Do not keep a copy of the W-9 to distribute upon request from outside entities. Contact accounting each time you receive a request for the district’s W-9.