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Building Use Categories, Fee Schedule, How to Pay

Are you interested in renting APS facilities? Find out about building use categories, fee schedules, and payment information.

Payment Information

Checks, cashier's checks, cash or money orders are accepted. Make your check or money order payable to "Albuquerque Public Schools"We cannot accept online payments or payments with credit cards at this time. You can deliver payment in one of two ways:

  1. By Mail: Payments can be sent through postal mail to 915 Locust SE, Room 6, Albuquerque, NM 87106, Attention: Monica McComas.
  2. In Person: Payments can be hand delivered to 915 Locust SE, Room 6. Payment is expected within 10 days of the invoice date.

Building Use Category Descriptions

Table: Categories that are not charged rental fees.
1 APS Programs Authorized Parent Organizations, 
Booster Club Activities, APS Departments
2 Educational Entities Public Education Department
3 Public Interest Groups Neighborhood Associations, 
Neighborhood Watch Groups, Charter Schools, Support Groups. For 501c3 organizations,  documentation of non-profit status must be provided.
Table: Categories that are charged rental fees
4 Youth Sports and
Before & After School Programs/Permit Fee
Razzle Dazzle, AYBL, AAU, USSSA,
YMCA, Junior Wrestling, Club teams
5 Recreational, Religious,
Political and Other Non-Profits
Church Groups,
Political Organizations,
Private Schools
6 Commercial, For-Profit Groups and others For-profit adult programs, 
Production companies

Rental Fees

Minimum Facility Use Fees

A minimum facility use charge of two hours is required for any event scheduled outside of custodial staff's regular duty day.

Table: Athletic Facilities Rental Fees
Athletic Facility AreaNon-Profit
Elementary School Gym $37/hour $100/hour
Middle School Gym:
Requires Athletic Director Approval
$52/hour $150/hour
High School Auxiliary Gym:
Requires Athletic Director Approval
$47/hour $112/hour
High School Main Gym:
Requires Athletic Director Approval
$62/hour $187/hour
Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer Fields:
Requires Athletic Director Approval
$37/hour $87/hour
Weight Room, Wrestling Room, Dance Room:
Requires Athletic Director Approval
$37/hour $87/hour
Tracks/Tennis Courts:
Requires Athletic Director Approval
$27/hour $50/hour
Gym Scoreboards $10/day $20/day
Volleyball Standards $10/day $20/day
Wrestling Cheer Mats $10/day $20/day
Table: School Facility Rental Fees
School Facility AreaNon-Profit
Auditorium, Theater, Lecture Hall
$62/hour $162/hour
Sound Equipment $10/day $20/day
Stage Lighting $10/day $20/day
Cafeteria, Library $37/hour $112/hour
Classroom, Lobby,
Indoor Common Areas
$27/hour $62/hour
School Grounds
(playgrounds, patio area, parking lots)
$25/hour $60/hour
Kitchen Facility Rentals require Cafeteria Director approval. The standard rental fee for kitchen facilities is $137 per hour or for non-profits $37 per hour. Additional fees may apply. A kitchen staff member must be present and will be invoiced separately by Food Services.
Table: Fees Charged for Additional APS Staffing
APS Staffing TypeNon-Profit 
2-hour min. required
$35/hour $35/hour
Custodian for 
Categories 1, 2, 3:
2-hour min. required
$45/hour $45/hour
Kitchen Staff: 
If needed
separately by
Food Services
separately by
Food Services
APS Security:
If deemed necessary
by school administration
separately by
APS Police
by APS Police
Table: Special Permit Fees for Youth Sports and
Before and After School Programs
Program TypeRate
Per Use
Rate by Semester
and Year
Youth Sports Practices Only $30 per use for
1 to 6 uses
$275/semester or $500/year
Before and After School Programs Once per week $150/semester or $300/year
Before and After School Programs Two or more
times per week
$375/semester or $600/year


Contact Monica McComas, Senior Facilities Usage Specialist at or (505) 842-3521 if you have any questions.