Non-Scholastic Concussion Protocol Agreement

Find out information about the Non-scholastic Sport Users Certification Form for youth sports organization renting APS facilities.

If you are a youth sports organization renting APS facilities, you are required to return the Community Use of School Facilities – Non-scholastic Sport Users Certification Form (PDF) to the Facilities Usage Specialist. 

About the Form

As a condition of permitting non-scholastic youth athletic activity in practice or preparation for an organized athletic game or competition against another team, club or entity to take place on school district property, the superintendent requires the person offering the non-scholastic youth athletic activity to sign this certification that the non-scholastic youth athletic activity will follow the brain injury protocols established pursuant to Section 2 of 22-13-31 NMSA 1978 regarding brain injury protocols, coaches training and information to be provided to parents or guardians and signatures to be received from them.

Instructions for Submitting the Form

  1. Print out the Community Use of School Facilities – Non-scholastic Sport Users Certification Form (PDF.
  2. Sign and return via email to the Facilities Usage Specialist

About Non-scholastic requirements under SB137

  1. Youth athletic leagues shall ensure coaches receive training in concussion awareness and management (to be completed annually).
  2. At the beginning of each athletic season youth athletic leagues shall provide a brain injury information sheet to parents and athletes to be signed and submitted prior to participation.
  3. Coaches must immediately remove athletes from participation when signs/symptoms of a concussion are present.
  4. Coaches must not allow youth athletes to return to play for a minimum of 240 hours and must be released by an appropriate medical professional (MD, DO, PA, CNP, PT, Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Athletic Trainer).

This form and additional resources can be found on the New Mexico Athletic Activities website.