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APS Employee Lifestyle Change & Weight Loss Solutions

Being over weight or obese can be a complicated medical situation. APS offers several lifestyle change and weight loss solutions to help you navigate in a healthy, positive, and sustainable way.

Lifestyle Change and Weight Loss Solutions

No one is saying this is an easy journey. Nationwide obesity rates have more than tripled since the 1960's. Statistically mirroring this trend is the escalation of type-2 diabetes and high-blood pressure. Because our physical health intricately connects with our mental and emotional well-being, people with chronic illnesses have a 55% greater risk for developing depression. Forty-three percent of those who suffer from obesity have depression.

Historically, the ramping up of hyper-palatable, hyper-processed foods along with an explosion of fast-food supply chain options, a society stuck in a cycle of stress, and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle has brought about the perfect storm - an epidemic of preventable chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. These illnesses come together to form what we call 'co-morbidities' because they like to coexist in a complex disease state. The new term catagorizing the pack is called "cardiodiabesity". 

Statistics also tell us that our healthcare system - sometimes cynically referred as a sick care system - is buckling under the burdensome trend. It is costing everyone more to treat these diseases. 

APS offers several weight loss and lifestyle change solutions to help employees manage their weight and overall health and well-being. 

For All Employees

  • Health Coaching  For help with weight loss, managing a chronic illness, and lifestyle changes to improve your health, or simply feel better, APS offers free Health Coaching to all APS employees.

For Employees Covered Under APS Benefits:

  • Livongo is a holistic program that empowers people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and weight loss challenges to feel better and do more.  Livongo is an integrated solution with free 1-1 health coaching, mental health support, and connected device monitoring.  Depending on your health condition you'll receive a blood pressure cuff, glucose meter/test strips, and/or connected scale. It's all seamlessly integrated through a mobile app with results you can share with your doctor. *Available at no cost to employees and eligible dependents covered under the APS Benefits plans.   

  • Omada - A weight loss solution offered through Express Scripts for those diagnosed with clinical obesity. Omada is a virtual care program offering health coaching and helps people achieve weight loss and experience lasting change. If an employee is diagnosed with obesity, they will recieve direct email and mail notifications from Omada to join. *Available at no cost to employees and eligible dependents covered under the APS Benefits plans.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of NM -  Wondr Health is a clinically proven behavior-change program that treats the root cause of chronic metabolic conditions to improve quality of life, aid in weight loss and improve health outcomes. (Formerly called Naturally Slim.) * Available at no cost to BCBS-NM health plan members and eligible dependents.
  • Hinge Health - While this is not a direct weight loss solution, if you're struggling with joint pain, injury, mobility and strength, Hinge Health offers virtual physical and exercise therapy solutions with free health coaching. They also offer an industry award winning women's pelvic floor health program. 

All programs are voluntary and in place to help employees struggling with financially limiting, mentally and emotionally draining health conditions. Our mission is to help all employees live healthy, well lives so that they have the physical and emotional capacity to experience the people, places and activities that bring them joy and fullfillment. 

If you have any questions about your benefits and wellness resources email 

This page was last updated on: May 21, 2024.