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Prepare in Class

Resources to begin your ecology class unit and prepare your 5th grade students for their Ecology Field Program.

Start Your Ecology Unit

Students doing Tree Key at the SMNHC during their Ecology Field Experience.

Magnifying glass over ant, hawk flying, scenery of mountains, river, sun, and tall treeEcosystem Explorations: This curriculum is an in-depth exploration of ecosystems, for use with 5th grade students before their Ecology Field Program at the SMNHC. 

Over the course of 7 lessons, students create science journals, learn about components and energy flow in an ecosystem, make an ecosystem in a bottle, explore life zones and ecosystem changes, and discover where their food comes from. Lastly, they get ready for their SMNHC program.

Cards with one word on each- environment, species, scat, camouflage, predators, prey. All have bear paw logo.Mini Curriculum: This collection of 5 lessons will give your students a head start to help them get more out of their Ecology Field Program. They don't take up a large amount of class time, and include learning about key vocabulary, ecosystem connections, waste and how to deal with it, and forest fires. 

Cibola national forest boundary sign and fencing along trail in woods

Mud Spring Loop StoryMap: Go on a virtual hike at the SMNHC and learn about wildlife, forest fire, geology, and more while visiting features along the way. This may serve as a good way to prepare students with what to expect when they come, or as a way to review and learn more after their Ecology Field Experience.

 Pre-Program Kit

Check out a kit full of activities, specimens, and lessons to prepare your students for their Ecology Field Program.

 Pre and Post Trip Tests

Test your students' knowledge of ecosystem concepts before and after their Ecology Field Program.