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Introduction to the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center history.

IntroductionChildren on trail in 1960s

The Sandia Mountain Natural History Center is an ecological education facility in Cedar Crest, New Mexico, operated jointly by the Albuquerque Public Schools and the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.  Included on its 128 acres are buildings for classrooms, headquarters, and a caretaker residence.  Its true classrooms, however, are the miles of trail weaving across the hills and canyons of the property. Thousands of students a year discover the beauty of nature and the essential concepts of ecology on daily tours along those trails. 

This history attempts to trace the history of the facility and the land on which it is located.  There are few direct records on the land before its establishment as an educational facility in the 1960s because it was undeveloped land.  Therefore we must look at the history of the surrounding east mountain area for information about the people that have lived there and the changes that have occurred on the land. It will also be noted that gaps exist in the Center records over the years since it was opened.