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Facilities Photos

Photos of our buildings, grounds, and other amenities at the SMNHC.

SMNHC Museum Outpost

A one-room museum at the SMNHC, an outpost of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science.

Our museum contains many specimens found here in the mountains, and ones on loan from the New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science that we are an extension of.

New Mexico Museum of Natural History & Science Outpost sign with view of exhibits in museum

Large round display with fossil in middle, and other displays and signs behind

Room filled with museum display cases, large round display, and two big animal skins on wall

Glass case full of animal skulls and other bones

Case filled with pressed plants, fungus samples, tree cookies, and a witches broom

Taxidermy bobcat and skunks with skulls and bones in glass and wood-lined case

Wooden table with open middle pit filled with sand and track casts along border

Two desks with microscopes, specimens, and two tv screens above

Taxidermy bear with paws in air and big claws

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor classrooms and bench areas at the SMNHC.

Wood benches on hillside with trees and bushes around

Instructor standing by white board outside with students facing him sitting on benches

Red benches on gravel surface with mountain view covered in green trees

Students sitting at benches facing instructor standing with mountain view behind

Log benches on sandstone rocky hilltop with trees and plants around

Students sitting on benches under shade structure facing instructor, with building and trees across the way

Wood benches in circle around rocky ground with trees surrounding

Students and adults sitting on half circle of benches with yuccas in front and adult and student standing in front

Red benches with sun and shadows facing wooden board on post

Nice wood benches under peak-roofed breezeway



Trails at the SMNHC

Photos of our trail network and groups hiking on them. Half of trails are on APS property, and half go onto Cibola National Forest land. There are approximately 7 miles of trails.

Please be aware: Members of the public may not access the trails on our Albuquerque Public Schools property (except as part of scheduled classes, groups, or on special public days).

Visit our Trails page for a map and to take a virtual hike on our Mud spring loop trail. 

Students hiking down trail with live and dead trees around

Trail through woods with yellowing small plants and tall conifers

Students walking down hill with view of mountains and forest

Class with volunteer Frank in back of line walking down snowy trail

Cibola National Forest U.S. Department of Agriculture sign at forest boundary fence on trail

Vince leading class of student up trail through forest


A few trails are accessible to wheelchairs and those with hiking difficulties

Wooden meadow trail sign with flat gravel trail next to meadow and trees in background




The SMNHC lab is equipped with lab tables, glassware, microscopes, and space for lab activities and research.

Room with long lab tables, stools, with counter and cabinets full of lab supplies in back of room

Lab cabinets with glassware and microscopes, sinks, and drying oven on counter

SMNHC Picnic Areas

The SMNHC has 6 picnic areas near buildings for students to have lunch in our outdoor setting.

Red picnic tables among trees

Students sitting at picnic tables with trees around

Three students at picnic table eating lunches

SMNHC Classrooms and Multi-Purpose Room

The SMNHC has 3 dedicated indoor classrooms, plus a large multi-purpose room that can be divided into 2 additional classrooms.

Brown building behind brick courtyard with large cement bear paw

Classroom with long tables, chairs, whiteboard, skis and snowshoes on walls, and wooden ceiling beams

Brown building with 3 separate classrooms connected on angles and picnic tables outside

Cement building with solar panels across roof and windows on side, sidewalk curving toward

Large multi-purpose room with cafeteria-style benches and tables, and triangle wooden beam feature halfway up wall to ceiling

Brown building that looks from outside like it's on a 45 degree angle with wood beam holding it up on side

SMNHC Conference Room

Conference room at the SMNHC.

Conference room with 9 orange chairs around brown oblong table, tall wood cabinets, white board, and t.v. screen

SMNHC Bird Blinds

Two bird blinds at the SMNHC- one is also an outdoor classroom with trail camera and wildlife drinker.

SMNHC bird blind, outdoor classroom, and wildlife drinker with trail camera.

Bird blind wall with rectangle cutouts at different heights and wood benches in front