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Salvage Removal Request

Salvage Removal Instructions and Request Form. Steps to completing your pick-up request.


Download and save the Removal Request PDF to your computer. Email the completed form to (preferred). You may also fax the form to (505) 848-8850.

Removal Request Form (PDF)

Complete the following instructions prior to your pick-up request to ensure that your pick-up is as problem-free as possible.

Step 1: Prepare Your Pickup

  1. All items to be picked up should be gathered into one (1) or two (2) Accessible locations. If you have salvage items stored with items staying at your site. Please physically separate salvage items from the rest. If not separated your salvage will not be picked up.
  2. Please disconnect, unplug, and unlock all items to be salvaged including computers, laptop carts, furniture, file cabinets, and empty all contents before drivers arrive for pick-up. Failure to do so will result in the items being left at the school/site. Any items left behind must be resubmitted for pick-up.

What We Will Not Pick-Up

We will not pick up the items listed below. Contact the departments listed below for information about how to remove these items.

Discarded Books Sara Sabol, (505) 848-8888
Glass (i.e. Desk) and
Construction Material
Maintenance & Operations, (505) 765-5950
Broken Non-Metal Furniture Maintenance & Operations, (505) 765-5950
Hazardous Materials Risk Management, (505) 880-8249

Step 2: Verify Bar Codes

  1. All items with APS Bar-Code numbers must be verified against your TipWeb inventory to ensure that we received the correct APS Bar-Code number, and description on your request. This process usually takes about 48 hours to complete after submitting your request.
  2. Materials Management and CFS reports the depreciation (life) of every APS bar-coded asset to the Board of Education. This requires Materials Management & Capital Fiscal Services to research every APS bar-coded asset before we pick it up. This will take additional time to process.
  3. Should an asset still have life you will be notified via e-mail regarding the next steps to follow.
  4. APS numbers are described as follows:
  • Should say: “Property of Albuquerque Public Schools”
  • If in doubt please list the number and Materials Management will verify its validity.
  • Separate the non-bar-coded items and bar-coded items.
  • Please note that all APS BAR-CODED items, regardless of condition, must be sent to salvage/surplus yard for disposal.
  • Step 3: Designate a Point of Contact

    A primary and an alternate “point-of-contact” person that has knowledge of the items to be picked up and with access to the surplus items should be designated. If the primary or alternate contacts are not available to assist with the checkout process, your order will be rescheduled for pick-up.

    Additional Instructions

    • If at a later date, you want to add items to your salvage pick-up, a new request is required for the additions. In most cases, these additions will be picked up at the same time provided that we get the necessary paperwork within 24 hours prior to your pick-up.
    • If your pick-up is for a large number of items, more than one trip over a period of several days may be required.
    • A pick-up attempt that is turned away for any reason will result in the pick-up request going to the bottom of the list.
    • For clarification on the above please call Eileen Burks (505) 848-8852.

    Special Circumstances

    If you have special circumstances, unusually large or heavy items or you require special arrangements, you may call our shipping and receiving clerk at 848-8859 with details for approval.

    Materials Management Policy

    Materials Management will pick up on a first come first serve basis. Busy times of the year are the beginning and end of the school year. Please expect delays for pick-up during this time frame and plan accordingly.

    If you prefer to transport your salvage/surplus to the surplus yard you must still comply with the above rules. Please call the salvage department at (505) 848-8859 for a drop-off appointment.