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APS Auction Website

We post auctions on Public Surplus and GovDeals. Find the instructions for how to use the APS auctions websites.

GovDeals Auctions

Website Instructions

GovDeals Auction Website

  1. Hover mouse over "Searches".
  2. Click on "Location Search", and enter 87106 into the zip code field.
  3. Keep the distance parameter set at 100 miles.
  4. This will show you all auctions within a 100-mile radius of our (Materials Management's) zip code.

Public Surplus Auctions

Website Instructions

PublicSurplus Auctions Website

  1. On the right-hand side of the screen look for the world map. The section is called "Browse Auctions Within Area".
  2. Click on "Select Region", scroll and select "New Mexico".
  3. Click on "Select Agency", scroll and select "Albuquerque Public Schools."
  4. A link will pop up that says "View all auctions for Albuquerque Public Schools." Click on that link to see everything we have available to bid on.