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Supply Warehouse Site Pick-up Procedures

Memorandum to all Site Administrators from the Materials Management Warehouse/Stock Control Office about Site Pick-ups.

The Materials Management Department has established a process to allow APS employees the opportunity to pick-up items directly from the Supply Warehouse.

  • The process is established for the purpose of providing staff an opportunity to pick-up items to address emergencies.
  • Please remember this process is not to replace routine orders filled by the existing process.

“Site Pick-Up” Order Steps

  1. Enter the requisition into Lawson.
    A maximum of six line items per requisition. The originator is responsible for obtaining Site Administrator, Control Agent and Finance approval before calling Stock Control or the warehouse for pick-up.
  2. When all approvals have been obtained, print the requisition; phone Stock Control at 848-8849 or 848-8847 and request a “Site Pick-Up” for 24 hours later. Warehouse pick-up times are from 7:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The individual picking up the item(s) MUST bring a copy of the approved requisition.
  3. Site pick-ups are intended to handle emergency requirements caused by unforeseeable circumstance. More than two (2) site pick-ups per week will be considered excessive and may result in loss of site pick-up privileges.
  4. No partial pick-ups are allowed. The individual picking up the order must bring a proper vehicle to receive 100% of the order.
  5. Requisition must be picked-up within two (2) working days otherwise the requisition will be canceled and the items returned to stock. The site will have to re-submit a new requisition if the items are still desired.

To avoid any confusion when placing an order or when there is a question concerning the order, we request that ONLY the originator contact the Warehouse or Stock Control Office and you will be given an approximate pick up time.