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Water Saving Highlights

An overview of water saving successes, rebates, and goals.

In an effort to reduce water usage by 20%, the District is monitoring domestic and irrigation water usage throughout the District in identifying irregular spikes. These questionable surges in use are immediately investigated and resolved by the Irrigation Shop, may it be a leaking irrigation system or a faulty water meter. M&O also initiated the following water conservation programs in 2015-16.

Negotiated a sizable reimbursement from water utility

M&O successfully made a case for a $64,011 reimbursement from the ABCWUA for incorrect water billing charges at Manzano High School. Careful scrutiny of invoices and meter monitoring is critical in not overpaying for water. In this case, the water utility billed for irrigation water at the steeper domestic water use rate.

Reduced irrigation surcharges by 30%

M&O saved $10,262 in irrigation surcharges over the previous year for the irrigation systems at elementary schools, high schools, and administrative facility spaces, saving 30% in total in spite of an increase in surcharges at middle schools. Old inefficient controls at middle schools are being replaced.

In spite of using more water, APS paid less

The District used 3.6% more gallons of water in 2016 over 2015 but the total cost decreased by 13.5% saving $444,011 in water utility costs. A 24% decrease in the irrigation cost per acre (domestic meters switched out with lower irrigation rate per gallon meters), reduced irrigation surcharges, and other conservation efforts are credited.

Working with FD+C on irrigation systems at new construction sites

M&O is collaborating with FD+C with regard to new irrigation systems installed at new construction projects and notifying the Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) that the fields are strictly irrigation and require only an irrigation meter.

Gray water system was installed at Alameda Elementary School

The grey water system, master valve, and irrigation meter installed by APS significantly reduced watering costs at the campus.

ABCWUA Rebates

APS earned $9,704 through ABCWUA rebate programs at new construction sites

Water & energy goals

Water saving and energy conservation goals for 2016-17, and a review of 2015-16 energy conservation goals