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APS' Energy Conservation Program

Energy conservation highlights and goals.

Summary of WECC

"All grand breakthroughs start with a simple notion."

District energy goals

The District's ambitious energy saving goals prioritize education

Energy conservation success

Through a spirit of cooperation, the Energy Team has realized energy conservation success

Energy Team

Data drives the Energy Team's work

New Energy Center

New Energy Center became operational in 2015-16

Utility submeters

Utility submeters installed in new buildings are identifying problems

Photovoltaic panels

Photovoltaic (PV) panels were installed at 10 sites

Energy Management Award

District Received AEE Region IV Institutional Energy Management Award

Better Buildings Challenge

APS recognized as a Better Buildings Challenge Partner and presented at the annual summit

Boiler pilot study

District systematically improved boiler efficiency by 11.3% per boiler

Internet-enabled controls

Internet-enabled controls were installed at select school sites

New solar design

New design standards for solar water heaters in new construction were adopted


Savings earned by holiday power-downs, summer school consolidation, and new temperature controls

PNM energy awards

PNM recognized (awards) APS in two energy savings categories in 2015

Building Tune-Up

PNM sponsored Building Tune-Up program launched at five locations

APS rebates

APS captured $188,201 in PNM rebates in 2015-16

Gas, electric, and water usage

Natural gas, electric, and water usage held steady with growth of facilities

Recycled 750 tons

Waste Management sponsored program saved 750 tons of recycled materials

City Center recycling

Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex (City Center) paper recycling programs

Facility Use program

Recovery costs and summer program consolidation

Water Saving Highlights

An overview of water saving successes, rebates, and goals.

Energy Conservation Education

"When students take direct action in their environment, the power of learning is truly demonstrated."