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Maintenance and Operations

Our mission is to partner with the schools in creating environments conducive to student success by providing purposeful, comfortable, aesthetic, clean, safe, and accessible learning and activity spaces in meeting academic achievement goals.

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Phone: (505) 765-5950 ext. 0 or 200
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Lead Testing Results

Middle Schools 

  • Sampling:
    APS collected 245 samples from 238 fixtures at 22 middle schools, New Futures High School and the early childhood program at Eldorado High School. The samples came from schools built before 1990. In 1986, federal laws were changed to limit the use of lead in pipes to better protect the water supply.  
  • Results:
    Results from 97 percent of all fixtures screened showed levels below the EPA Action Level of 0.015 mg/L. Two schools, John Adams and McKinley, had a least one sample at or above 0.015 mg/L. 
  • Corrective Action:
    Corrective action was taken, such as installing lead filters and replacing fixtures. Locations were retested and showed that levels had been reduced to below the EPA Action Level of 0.015 mg/L. One water fountain in a teacher's lounge at John Adams was eliminated due to its location and infrequent use.

Elementary Schools

  • Sampling:
    APS collected 1,004 samples from 870 fixtures at 69 elementary schools.
  • Results:
    Results from 96 percent of all fixtures screened showed levels below the EPA Action Level of 0.015 mg/L. Twenty-three (23) schools had a least one sample at or above 0.015 mg/L. These schools are Alameda, Alvarado, Apache, Arroyo Del Oso, Barcelona, Bellehaven, Dennis Chavez, East San Jose, Hawthorne, Hodgin, Inez, Lavaland, Lew Wallace, Longfellow, Lowell, Mary Ann Binford, Matheson Park, Mission Ave., Monte Vista, Painted Sky, Reginald Chavez, San Antonito, and Zia.
  • Corrective Action:
    Corrective action was taken and, in most cases, the fixtures were re-tested to show the levels had been reduced to < 0.015 mg/L. In some cases, fixtures were eliminated or were designated for handwashing only. 

More Information

For questions or more information about the data, contact Andrew Roark by phone at (505) 765-5950, ext. 67482 or by email at

2016 Year-End Report

Report Overview

This Albuquerque Public Schools’ Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Year-End Report recaps the Division’s key achievements and well as challenges faced during the 2015-16 fiscal year. In providing transparency to taxpayers, parents, students, APS personnel, and the general public, this document is posted in its entirety on the M&O website.

While this annual Report summarizes M&O’s many initiatives in preserving structural and systems’ integrity, appearance, safety, and security of the District’s schools, support facilities, and grounds, it also repeatedly stresses that M&O’s purpose is the support of students’ academic success. Delivering environments that advance education is the driving force behind all of M&O’s efforts. In the case of a school system, the maintenance and operations function extends far beyond the straightforward care for buildings; M&O’s priority is irrefutably the students housed in those facilities and their purpose — learning.

Overview of Maintenance and Operations

  • Work order history 2007 – 2016
  • M&O budget history 2007 – 2016
  • M&O expenditures by school cluster 2007 – 2016

New Division Wide Initiatives and Highlights in 2015-16

  • APS saved $2 million in preventive maintenance work led by an automation work order system
  • M&O improved FMAR scores due to new PSFA provided opportunity
  • M&O grew preventive maintenance work orders by 37.8%
  • Increased legislative funded projects substantially multiplied M&O's workload
  • M&O crews worked around the clock in cleaning up extreme vandalism
  • Graffiti increased for the first time since 2007
  • Materials Management Warehouse moved under the M&O umbrella and organization
  • M&O Wellness Works Program is beneficial pilot and was expanded in 2015-16
  • Progress made in tackling deferred maintenance
  • Utility costs were under budget for third consecutive year
  • M&O continued to rank in top 5% by the CGCS’s annual survey
  • 2016 Preventive Maintenance Management Plan complete and accepted by PSFA
  • Variable frequency drives updated at Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex
  • City Center replacement of electrical distribution completed through Phase III

Energy Conservation Program Update and Highlights

  • Summary of Water and Energy Conservation Committee
  • District’s energy goals are ambitious
  • The Energy Team has realized energy conservation success
  • Data drives the Energy Team’s work
  • New Energy Center became operational
  • Utility submeters installed in new buildings are identifying problems
  • Photovoltaic panels were installed at 10 sites
  • District received AEE Region IV Institutional Energy Management Award
  • APS recognized as a Better Buildings Challenge Partner and presented at the annual summit
  • District systematically improved boiler efficiency by 11.3% per boiler
  • Internet-enabled controls were installed at select school sites
  • New design standards for solar water heaters in new construction were adopted
  • Powered down electricity during spring and winter breaks saved $95,760
  • Consolidation of summer school saved $345,840
  • Replaced inefficient heating and cooling controls in portable classrooms
  • PNM recognized (awards) APS in two energy savings categories
  • PNM sponsored Building Tune-Up program launched at five locations
  • APS captured $188,201 in PNM rebates
  • Natural gas, electric, and water usage held steady
  • Waste Management sponsored program saved 750 tons of recycled materials
  • Alice and Bruce King Educational Complex paper recycling program saved materials and costs
  • Community’s facility use program helped recover approximately $300,000 in operation costs
  • Community summer programs consolidated
  • M&O negotiated a sizable reimbursement water utility
  • Reduced irrigation surcharges by 30%
  • In spite of using more water, APS paid less
  • M&O working with FD+C on irrigation systems at new construction sites
  • Gray water system was installed at Alameda Elementary School
  • APS earned $9,704 through ABCWUA rebate programs (new construction sites)

Energy Conservations Education Initiatives

  • Energy conservation is included in schools’ curriculum
  • Conservation and Education Specialist participated in the development of the Energy Center
  • M&O “EnergyWise” brochure was drafted and published
  • Conservation and Education Specialist guest taught in classrooms
  • Two teacher workshops taught “teaching energy conservation”
  • Del Norte High School received National Energy Achievement Award
  • Conservation and Education Specialist directed summer hibernation campaign

M&O Department Highlights

  • Profiles, fiscal year accomplishments, and future goals presented for M&O's eight service departments

Facing Ongoing Challenges and Looking Ahead

  • Operational budget cuts will continue to be challenging
  • Recruiting skilled workers is out of reach
  • Lowering Peak Demand Charges critical
  • Make current energy and other programs more sustainable and automatic
  • Focus on preventive maintenance
  • Close the gap between all work orders and job completion
  • Continued support of the APS Academic Master Plan