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Building Tune-Up

PNM sponsored Building Tune-Up program launched at five locations

The 2015 Year End Report introduced the retro-commissioning (RCx) program. Conducted as a pilot program in the 2014-15 FY, RCx is the process of monitoring, troubleshooting, and adjusting electrical, mechanical, and other control systems in buildings to improve performance. RCx provides an understanding of how well a system is working for a specific space or building as well as identifies obsolete equipment in need of replacement or adjustment in improving performance while saving energy and costs. The tune-ups performed on HVAC equipment in the 2015-16 FY have a projected annual electric savings of $40,786. Additionally, these measures save 261.7 metric tons of carbon dioxide; 137,638 gallons of water; and enough energy to power 58.5 homes for a year.