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APS Textbook Center for Dual Credit Students

Our department handles the required textbooks for APS high school students taking dual credit classes. We cannot provide dual credit textbooks for APS charter schools, private, home school or out of district students. If you attend an APS charter high school or another type of school outside of the regular APS district, see the dual credit contact person at your school for textbooks.

**Hours are suspended during COVID.

Regular Hours:

Dec–Jan, May, 
Monday – Friday:
12 to 4 p.m.

Off Season Hours:

Late Sept–Early Dec,
Mid June – July: 
Wednesdays ONLY:
12 to 4 p.m.

912 Oak ST SE
Building M, Room 142
Albuquerque, NM 87106


Call (505) 848-8897


Due to the current Coronavirus global health situation, the APS Dual Credit Bookroom has outlined key dates and guidelines that will assist APS dual credit students with receiving their intersession and spring semester college textbooks during the pandemic.

Normal bookroom hours and front desk telephone call backs are suspended for the spring semester to keep students and staff safe during the pandemic. Please do not leave voicemails on our main line, there is nobody available to return phone calls. Instead,  fill out the online form  WHERE IS MY TEXTBOOK? to communicate with us or place an order for your textbooks.

If you have textbooks from previous semesters, hold on to them until the book room re-opens, there are no fees. 

To find out how to obtain your CNM or UNM spring semester textbooks, click the link to read the SPRING 2021 TEXTBOOK PROCEDURES

Students are strongly encouraged to register for CNM classes that use the all-digital textbook delivery called "includED". It is a program that electronically delivers the required book automatically to the student on the first day of class through Brightspace. Information should also be included on your course syllabus provided on the first day of class. CLICK HERE to view the list of includED course offerings.


The Dual Credit textbook Center handles the distribution and collection of all dual credit textbooks for high school students that attend a regular APS high school or high school of choice. 

This website is designed to show how easy it is to obtain the required textbooks for dual credit classes and also answers common questions about the dual credit textbook procedures. 

 For normal operating bookroom in-person hours (not during COVID):

 Are my textbooks ready?

Save yourself a trip! Here are three easy ways to find out if your dual credit textbooks are ready to pick up: 

  • Use our easy online form to find out if textbooks are ready before making a trip to our office Go to: Where is my Textbook?
  • Call our front desk telephone: (505) 848-8897
  • Contact your textbook representative directly:
    • CNM students that attend Albuquerque High – Manzano High:
      Contact Valerie Valdez at or (505) 848-8891
    • CNM students that attend Nex-Gen Academy – West Mesa High:
      Contact Valerie Valdez at or (505) 848-8891
    • All UNM students:
      Contact Valerie Valdez at or (505) 848-8891
  • Beginning fall 2018 term, select CNM classes will use digitally accessed (electronic) required course materials called includED® (also called, bookstore fee) - If you register for a course using includED® digital materials, you do not need to pick anything up from our site. To find out about textbooks for your courses, fill out our online form: Where is my Textbook?
  • There are no replacements for online codes or other consumable materials.
  • Pick up textbooks within two weeks of the first day of term (includes late-start & online classes) or they will be re-assigned to other students and cause delays in receiving your textbooks.
  • Dual credit students have seven (7) days from the first day of class to contact us about online access code issues/problems. *Wait-listed or late register students will have an additional 7 days. If you need extra time to pick up your materials, registered late, changed your schedule, or if your materials are not yet ready, contact your textbook representative so they can work with you to obtain the required materials.