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Library Services Organizational Chart (PDF)

The Library Service Organizational Chart may not be accessible. Please contact Library Services by phone at (505) 848-8889 for alternative formats.

  • Physical Address:
    930-B Oak St. SE Albuquerque 87106 Map
  • Main Phone: (505) 848-8889
  • Fax: (505) 848-8890

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Employee Contact Information
Rachel Altobelli
Director of Library Services
Trinny Aragon
Secretary/Acquisitions Clerk
Luz Romero
Sara Sabol
Multimedia Library/Textbook Disposal
Valerie Valdez
Library Specialist
Anna Apple
Technical / Catalog Support
Joanne Ortiz
Charlotte Carrillo
Cataloging Clerk / LRRC / Scanners
Angela Artiaga
Cataloging Clerk / Barcodes
Joela Bezzeg
Cataloging Clerk
Carla Montano
Multi-Media Secretary / Acquisitions Clerk
Christina Tullar
Multi-Media Clerk
Alicia Eccleston
Computer Specialist
Antonio Benavidez