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Resources for Librarians

Need Help?

Contact the Library Services staff at (505) 848-8889 for any help you might need with your library.

Guidelines for Library Operations

Information about Circulation, Deleting Lost Materials, weeding, Destiny Guides, Ordering and other  library management guidelines are now available in the "Librarians" Google Team Drive. 


Online Resources

Library, Media, and Information Literacy Best Practices Guidance Document

The Advocacy for School Libraries Special Interest Group of the New Mexico Library Association has endorsed the following set of best practices, and NMPED has approved them for distribution. APS Library Services recommends that librarian-teachers use this guidance document to help develop strong, standards-based, curriculum-aligned programming, instruction, and collection development.

Read the Library Best Practices Guidance.

APS Policies and Procedural Directives

Although this is not a comprehensive list, below are links to some of the most commonly referenced policies and procedural directives in the school libraries.