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LAWSON FINANCIAL: Requisition Entry Description: Training on entering orders/expenses in the Lawson requisition module. The expense account structure. The process for entering purchases into the system. Scenarios to aid the user in entering expenses/orders; payment; and delivery of goods and services. LAWSON FINANCIAL: Tracking & Reporting Description: PREREQUISITE: LAWSON: REQUISITION ENTRY. Track the status of orders/purchases. Reporting functionality and as well as electronic receiving. For both requesters and approvers. Must first attend the requisition course or have experience with Lawson. Lawson -Employee Time Off Request Online Entry (MSS & ESS) Description: New course designed to train all Administration / Support staff that have direct reports on the new online procedures for entering Employee Time off requests. (Personal, Sick, Professional and Annual leave etc.)

Infor-Lawson Request for Access Form

Business Systems helps facilitate collaboration between departments and Users. Ad-hoc/scheduled Reporting and Support for system transaction issues. We administer Access to the Infor/Lawson System for Access to process Financial / HR / Payroll transactions. Once request is process user with have a Infor-Lawson Core Administration account.

Master Process Flow Approval Levels

Attachment will list who is responsible to approve requisition at each level.

Verifies User Computer Name and IP address

Verifies users computer Name and IP address.