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Student Password Information

Information about your APS Student User Password, including how to reset your student password and student password requirements.

Student Password Requirements

Student accounts will be locked after 20 failed login attempts and will have to wait 15 minutes before they can try again.

  • Your student ID cannot be used for your password. 
  • New students must change their password before logging into APS systems.
  • Middle and high school students are required to change their password every 365 days. You will not be able to reuse your previous 4 passwords.
Password Requirements
Grade LevelMinimum LengthComplexity
8 characters Required.
Middle and
High School
8 characters

Must NOT include your first or last name.

Must have a minimum length of 8 characters.

Must use 3 of the following 4 characters:

  • Uppercase character (e.g., A‐Z)
  • Lowercase character (e.g., a‐z)
  • Numeric character (0-9)
  • Non-alphanumeric character such as @, $, !, etc.

PW Reset is a portal for APS users to update their user password and profile.