Student Password Information

Information about your APS Student User Password, including how to reset your student password and student password requirements.

Student Password Requirements

Students in grade 3 or higher will need to change their APS account password annually. Previously, this requirement applied only to students in grades 6 or above.

When current passwords are near the annual expiration date students will receive an automated email notification instructing them to change their password at that time.

Students should follow the best-practice complexity standards outlined in the table below in order to create safe and secure passwords. Additionally, passwords can be changed at any time by going to the Self-Service Password Management Page.

Password Requirements
Grade LevelMinimum LengthComplexity
Elementary K-2 8 characters Pre-set password.  No changes necessary

Elementary 3 - 5
Middle School
High School

8 characters

Must include 3 or more of the following character types:

  • Capital letters (ABC)
  • Lower Case letters (abc)
  • Numbers (123)
  • Special Characters (!#.%)

May NOT include the student's first or last name.

PW Reset is a portal for APS users to update their user password and profile.