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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Jason Johnson
Executive Director of IT
Aaron Jaramillo
Director of Enterprise Learning Systems
Jo Salway
Executive Administrative Assistant
C. Lucas Gutierrez
Director of IT Client Services
Demetrius Brandon
Manager of Networking
Brian Thompson
Manager, Telecomm (VoIP)
Tracy Parker
Manager, IT Financial Operations
Les Lokey
Manager of Enterprise Architecture
Tony Otero
Manager of Enterprise Cabling Services
Frank Aragona
Manager of Technology Client Services
Kristine Archuleta
Manager, Technology Client Services
Yvonne Alcon
Service Desk Supervisor
Robert Allison
Employee Cellular Services
Joe Damon
Edge Technology Specialist
Adam Damore
Exchange Administrator
John DeCesare
Network Technician
Johnny Gallegos
System Operators
Daniel Garcia
Coordinator, District IT Services
Susan Garcia
Edge Technology Specialist
Sal Gonzales
Technology Specialist
James Griego
System Operators
Sue Harrell
Technology Specialist
Aaron Hermanson
Systems Administrator (Device Management)
Brian Kennedy
Instructional Learning Specialist
Tabetha Lucero
Service Desk Technician
Julie Maestas
Edge Technology Specialist
Janea Menicucci
Resource Teacher
Chris Money
Data Communication Tech
Vincent Montoya
Enterprise Learning Systems Consultant
Michelle Mora
Service Desk Technician
Kent Nufer
Telephone/Telecom Technician
Christina Nunez
Resource Teacher
Amy Palladino
Core Administrator
Eric Parker
Systems Administrator
Kathie Pickerel
Data Communication Tech
Larry Pierce
Telephone/Telecom Technician
Michael Reese
Core Administrator
Russell Reid
Technology Specialist
Adam Ryba
Telephone/Telecom Technician
Myra Sanchez
Edge Technology Specialist
Richard Sanchez
Data Communications Tech
Patsy Sena-Armijo
Secretary, Data Center
Kay Shaffer
Edge Technology Specialist
Brian Stewart
Sr. Tech Consultant Specialist
Steve Torrez
Network Technician
Leticia (Lettie) G. Trujillo
Resource Teacher
Lori Valdez
System Administrator: SchoolMessenger
Steve Vargas
David Vetter
Core Administrator
Juan Vigil
Edge Systems Administrator