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Medicaid Enrollment

Medicaid Enrollment is an APS program to help students, staff and families with Medicaid enrollment and education. This program also allows eligible families to get same-day medical care while they wait for their application to be processed.

Need help applying for Medicaid?


Desk (505) 855-9820 Cell (505) 269-4694

Desk (505) 855-5261 Cell (505) 239-9313

  • During the COVID-19 pandemic, Medicaid enrollers can assist and enroll by phone for your safety. Please call us for more information!
  • APS Medicaid Enrollment staff will meet with families, staff or individuals to assist with the process of Medicaid enrollment and education.
  • Bilingual services are available.
  • If eligible, some applicants may qualify for an emergency card that can be used the same day.
  • Additional services may be available, such as SNAP assistance or online account creation help

Do I Qualify for Medicaid?

Many families in New Mexico qualify for free health insurance from birth to age 19, and beyond. Even more families can qualify for low cost insurance, consisting of minimal co-pay at the time of your visit. In many cases, a child (or adult) may qualify for an emergency card that would entitle them to obtain care while you wait for the application to be processed.

At a minimum, you must meet the following requirements to qualify for Medicaid:

  1. Must be a U. S. citizen or legal resident
  2. Household gross monthly income must meet certain criteria

Eligibility Information

How Do I Apply for Medicaid Benefits?

Contact the Medicaid enrollment staff to make an appointment. Staff will meet with families or individuals to assist with the process of Medicaid enrollment. Services will be granted to those who meet all eligibility requirements.

Qualifying individuals or families will be provided with immediate, short-term full coverage insurance that covers healthcare needs until the application has been processed by the Income Support Division.

The following documents are required to apply for Medicaid services:

  1. Proof of parents' last 4 weeks of income (or, if parents aren't working, proof of how rent and utilities are paid)
  2. Proof of citizenship for each applicant, which can include:
    • Birth certificate
    • US passport
    • Certificate of citizenship
    • Certificate of naturalization
    • Picture ID of parent/guardian and child
    • Child's Social Security Number
    • Proof of other medical insurance (if applicable)
    • Proof of childcare expense (if applicable)

What are the Available Benefits?

Available Medicaid benefits for families who qualify include:

  • Doctor and dental visits
  • Vision and hearing exams
  • Medicine prescriptions
  • Eyeglasses
  • Hospital care
  • Mental health counseling
  • Well Child check-up
  • Immunizations

New Mexico Human Services Department

The New Mexico Human Services Department (NMHSD) works to reduce the impact of poverty on people living in New Mexico.

Meet the Medicaid Enrollment Staff: