Health and Wellness information and resources useful to students.



Medicaid Services


  • Bullying: Albuquerque Public Schools is committed to providing a safe, respectful and fear-free environment for all students.
  • Suicide Prevention: Resources to improve safety and well-being in the schools.
  • Safe Zone: Information and resources for the GLBTQ community.

Are You Struggling With Asthma?

School nurses can help you get control of your asthma so you are able to participate in all school activities.  School nurses can help you with your asthma medications, provide asthma education, and support you in managing your asthma so that you can safely and fully access your education.

Promoting Student Health

The Coordinated School Health department publishes two monthly newsletters ("Teen Food and Fitness" and "Nutrition Nuggets") that are designed to promote healthy nutrition and physical activity.

These newsletters are posted in the news folder each month, along with other activities happening throughout Coordinated School Health.

Go to the news folder to find the current newsletters