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Chronic Health Conditions

APS Nursing Services and district School Nurses offer support to students with chronic health conditions by partnering with parents and providers to provide care management and education.

Chronic Health Conditions

All nursing and health related forms can be found on the Nursing Forms page.

Care Management

If you have a student with a chronic health condition such as Diabetes, Asthma, Food Allergies (or other Life Threatening Allergies), or Seizures, it is important that you enter this information into the ParentVue registration process and contact your school to discuss your student's needs.

Contact Your School

Inform the school nurse that your student has a chronic health condition when enrolling (either when registering on ParentVue or by calling/emailing the Nurse) OR when the condition is diagnosed (if already enrolled).

  • Provide up-to-date emergency contact information.
  • Provide the signed Asthma Action Plan or medical orders from the student's healthcare provider to the school nurse or a member of the school health team.

Keep in Touch

Maintain open communication between the school health team and classroom teachers for up-to-date student information.

  • Work collaboratively with the school health team to implement all medical orders and procedures needed, as appropriate.
  • Allow for the sharing of medical information between the school nurse and the student's personal health care providers.
  • Keep school nurse or designated school staff informed of any changes in your student's health status.

Provide Supplies and Equipment

Provide and replenish all medication and equipment necessary to implement the medical orders and plan-of-care for your student. This may include:

  • Asthma Supplies: quick relief ("rescue") inhaler and spacer; quick relief nebulizer solution and chamber and tubing
  • Allergy Supplies: epinephrine auto-injector; antihistamine
  • Diabetes supplies: Insulin and the supplies needed to administer such as syringes, pen, or pump; glucose meter (glucometer) and strips; ketone monitoring kit; Glucagon emergency medication; snacks and fast-acting sugar source
  • Seizure management supplies: daily medication if needed and emergency (i.e. Diastat, midazolam, etc.) medication

After-School Activity Considerations

Inform appropriate school staff (school nurse, principal, teachers, coaches, assistive personnel, and others) when the student plans to participate in before and after school-sponsored activities to ensure the health and safety of your student.