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Internet-enabled controls

Internet-enabled controls were installed at select school sites

HVAC time clocks installed at 19 schools

Fixed to HVAC systems, Intermatic Internet-enabled time clocks are programmable through the Internet at a fraction of the cost to operate manually. It allows technicians to program equipment and troubleshoot from their laptops in mere minutes, saving the time and fuel to drive to the site. Leveraging the existing time clock infrastructure allows for web-based scheduling for occupied and unoccupied settings where building management systems controls are absent. An annual savings of up to $200,000 is possible for the time clocks installed to date after costs for the time clocks have been recovered in two years. The “smart” time clocks will be installed throughout the District in the next few years with the largest campuses taking top priority.

Exterior lighting controls installed at 25 campuses

The Intermatic time clocks enable web-based scheduling for exterior lighting optimization depending on nighttime school or community activities. The estimated annual savings of $28,094 will be realized in a little over a year.

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