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Indian Education News

Transfer Policy Changes for Native American students

Changes to the district "Transfer" policy impacts our students who attend Albuquerque Public Schools from the following surrounding communities.

Posted January 22, 2021

Stories by the Fireside: A Pueblo Tradition

Students from the Indian Education Department were featured in this special presentation on YouTube.

Posted December 19, 2020

 New Mexico Native Teacher Students Language and Culture

Mila Padilla grew up in Shiwina (Zuni village) and heard Zuni spoken on the playground and from her grandmother.

Posted December 14, 2020

 Navajo Nation Office of the Controller Hardship Assistance

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez approved Legislation to support CARES Fund Hardship Assistance Expenditure Plan and Navajo Nation Chapters for additional coronavirus relief aid.

Posted October 21, 2020