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Newsletters sent to parents through SchoolMessenger, counselors, and principals.

 StoryTeller February 2022 (PDF)

Indigenous Life Celebration Success, Governor Bent 5th Annual Rock Your Mocs Celebration, Engaging students at Monetezuma Elementary, Stories vs. Information at Janet Kahn, Winter Stories Program

StoryTeller October 2021 (PDF)

Thank You Student Volunteers, Language Programs at CEC, Meet the New Staff Members, Grandmother's Day

Storyteller August 2021 (PDF)

Outdoor Equity Education, Summer Cultural Enrichment, Robotics, School Supply Distribution

Storyteller May 2021 (PDF)

Healthy Native Youth Conference, Fashion Show, Mila Padilla's Class

Storyteller April 2021 (PDF)

Native American Stole and Seal, Senior Award Profiles

Storyteller March 2021 (PDF)

Storytelling and Belonging at Governor Bent ES, Greetings from Susie Raymos Marmon ES, Hello from Hodgin ES, Meet Karen Harker, Home School Community Liaison

Storyteller February 2021 (PDF)

Seven Bar ES, JAG Program at Cibola HS, Native American Stole and Seal Award, Indian Education Funding

Storyteller January 2021

Keshhi/Hello, Meet the New Staff Members, Healthy Minds Health Students at Janet Kahn, JAG Students Attend Conference Online

Storyteller November 2020 (PDF)

Indian Parent Committee and Indian Education Committee Member Spotlights

Storyteller August 2020 (PDF)

School Supply Distribution, Meet New Staff Members, GradPoint Credit Recovery Program, Merging Pathways Project

Storyteller February 2020 (PDF)

Navajo Language Program, Susie Rayos Marmon ES, Montezuma ES

StoryTeller May 2022 (PDF)

2022 Senior Banquet, Native American Fashion Show, JAG Career Development Conference, Field Trip, Outdated murals painted over, John Gates new Home to School Community Liaison.