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Indian Education Committee

The Indian Education Committee (IEC) includes parents, one teacher/counselor and one high school student.

Meeting Minutes and Bylaws

About the Indian Education Committee

The Indian Education Committee oversees programs to meet the unique educational needs of Native American students. They approve all programs and budgets funded by the Johnson-O'Malley Program (JOM). The committee consists of elected parents and guardians of Indian students who are enrolled in APS schools.

About the Meetings

The IEC meets monthly at specified locations and communities or are held virtual. Their role is to advise and support educationally related programs and services to families and students. The meetings are open to the public.

Contact the Committee

If you would like to contact one of the following members, please call the office at (505) 884-6392, ext. 80440.

IEC Committee Members, 2022-2023
Chairperson Wes Corben
Vice Chair Nicole Loveless
Secretary Jolissa Nelson
At-Large Parent Representative Charla Burbank
At-Large Parent Representative Nakina Mills
At-Large Parent Representative Vacant
To'Hajilee Parent Representative Shawna Nez
Tribal Community Parent Representative Olga Tenorio
APS Teacher/Counselor Representative Ivanna Becenti
High School Representative Bella Malone
High School Representative Kaylee Bahe