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Cafeteria Substitute

Position Available to External and Internal Applicants

About the Position

External applicants interested in job opportunities in the APS' Cafeterias must first start in this position. This position does not require any educational, experience or skills, but it is required that the applicant has the physical ability to perform all functions of the job.

It is preferred, however, that the applicant have high standards of personal hygiene and sanitation, basic math skills with the ability to exchange currency. The Cafeteria Substitute position is an hourly position that works an average of 3.5 hours per day and works on an as needed basis at a variety of school sites. The employee is required to accept daily assignments (via telephone calling system), traveling to various schools sites.

The position currently pays $8.75/hour and is not benefit eligible. The working hours are normally anywhere from 8 to 11 a.m. in the morning to 1 to 2 p.m. in the afternoon. This position will only be able to work when schools are in session.

The work consists of dishwashing and other cleaning, helping prepare and serve meals, and other work in the cafeterias as assigned. The work is fast paced and requires that employees work quickly and efficiently. The work requires some physical stamina; ability to maneuver and lift heavy objects and being on your feet for several hours. It also requires a real team effort to operate the school cafeteria smoothly and it is important that everyone get along and work together.

Immediately upon hire into the Substitute position, employees are eligible to apply for listed Permanent opportunities (See Class I, Class IV or Site Supervisor positions). As a Substitute, your performance is key to being awarded a Permanent position. Internal applicants would need to contact Mari Hernandez at (505) 345-5661, extension 38204 for further information.

How to Apply

Applications are accepted for Cafeteria Substitute positions continuously throughout the year; however, applications must be completed on-line on the APS Website. Computers are available at APS Applicant Processing Department at 6400 Uptown (Louisiana and Indian School).

If you are interested

  1. Click on to complete the online Application;
  2. Call Mari Hernandez at (505) 345-5661, extension 38204 and leave a message with your name, phone number, and PID number from your application. The HR office will place your name on the current hiring list and should be contacting you shortly for further applicant processing instructions.

Once contacted, you will be asked to report to Food Services Complex located at 800 Louisiana.  At this time, we will make a copy of your Driver's License or other picture identification, Social Security Card and Residence/Alien Card if needed and given further instructions to completing the background.

Please keep in mind that all employees at APS must be fingerprinted and the cost is $44 which is a non-refundable fee the applicant absorbs. After your fingerprinting results are received, you will be contacted to schedule an Employee Orientation.

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