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Attendance Supports Staff Listing

  • Physical Address:
    6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 340 West Albuquerque, NM 87110 Map
  • Main Phone: (505) 855-9850

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Staff listed by employee, with email address and phone number.
Employee Contact Information
Elizabeth Calhoon
Director of Attendance Support
Angela Crespin
Assistant Manager Attendance Supports
Attendance Coordinators
By Zone
Tony Watkins
Attendance Coordinator – Zone 1
Dinah Padilla-Harvey
Attendance Coordinator – Zone 2
Paula Budd
Attendance Coordinator - Zone 3
Shaylee Stockham
Attendance Coordinator – Zone 4
Rebecca Bowen
Attendance Social Worker - Manzano HS
Danielle Burnett
Attendance Social Worker - McKinley HS
Aurea Cardiel
Attendance Social Worker - Ernie Pyle MS/Polk MS
Stevie Maestas
Attendance Social Worker - West Mesa HS
Angelica Regino
Attendance Social Worker - Del Norte HS
Sandra Romero
Attendance Social Worker - Rio Grande HS
Magaly Tompkins
Attendance Social Worker - Highland HS
Deidre Mallon
Attendance Social Worker - New Futures HS/Freedom HS
Monica Archuleta
Attendance Social Worker - Van Buren MS/Wilson MS
Kim Montgomery
Attendance Specialist – Del Norte HS
Jeanene Aldaz
Attendance Specialist – West Mesa HS/Rio Grande HS
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