APS District Attendance

The Albuquerque Public Schools Attendance Supports Unit helps schools with improving their overall attendance. The Unit consists of ten Social Workers and four Attendance Coordinators, each assigned to one of four Learning Zones.

Attendance for Success

The State of New Mexico requires that students between the ages of 5 and 18 attend a public or private school (including charter and alternative schools) or register with the Public Education Department if a parent is providing home school or the student is in a state institution.

Student attendance in school is a critical component of the educational process. Students, families, and APS personnel must all work together to promote student success by promoting good attendance because every day matters!

Attendance positively relates to student success. The APS Attendance Supports Unit works with school staff to ensure that students are not disciplined for having poor attendance. Our goal is to support students to succeed in school and life.

District Attendance Resources

Student Handbook Attendance Information

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