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Why Does Attendance Matter?

Every day in school matters from pre-kindergarten until high school graduation.  

  • Daily attendance is important for your child's school success.
  • Missing just 2 days per month means your child may fall behind in school, fail subjects, or even drop out.
  • It can take a child 3 days to catch up from a one-day absence.

Attendance Resources

School Attendance Supports

Are you a school looking for support? Contact our staff.

Tools for schools are located on the APS Intranet.

Wellness Yucca "Making Connections Happen"

TranscriptEvery day I go to school.  Every day I feel smarter.  Every day they surprise me. Every day I learn something new. Every day I read better.  Every day I get better at homework.  Every day I believe in myself.  Starting before kindergarten not showing up affects learning and school readiness.  Missing school just two days a month makes it harder to learn to read.  Every day matters.

Transcript: Todos los días voy a la escolar.  Todos los días aprendo mi historia.  Cada día tengo más confianza.  Cada día nuestro equipo se pone mejor.  Cada día me acercó más a la meta final.  Todos los días pienso en su futuro.  Cada día creo más a mí mismo.  Mantener a los niños en la escuela.  Todos los días les da la oportunidad de una vida mejor.  Cada día cuenta.


Transcript: Every day I go to school.  Every day I learn my history.  Every day E equals M C squared. Every day I get more confident.  Every day our team gets better. Every day I get closer to the finish line.  Every day I think about her future.  Every day I believe in myself. In high school chronically absent kids become drop outs.  Keeping kids in school every day gives them a chance at a better life.  Every day matters.

Mission: Graduate

Mission: Graduate helping central New Mexicans earn college degrees and certificates.