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Web content accessibility statement, online privacy statement, internet acceptable use, and legal disclaimers.

We at APS are committed to protecting the privacy and security of your visits to this website. Outlined below is our web content accessibility statement, online privacy statement, acceptable use policy, and legal disclaimers. If you have questions about this information, please let us know.

Privacy Statement & Legal Disclaimers

The Albuquerque Public School District makes no warranties of any kind, either express or implied, that the functions or the services provided by or through the Albuquerque Public School District system will be error-free or without defect.

Website Accessibility

We are committed to ensuring that all persons who may have one or more disabilities has complete access to all the resources, communications, and services available to all citizens.

Translation Disclaimer

Albuquerque Public Schools provides two built-in tools to provide a site-wide translation of web content on the district and school websites.

APS Non-Discrimination Statement

Learn more about the APS non-discrimination statement, where to file complaints, and who to contact regarding policies.

Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Student and employee expectations for compliance with the Acceptable Use of Technology Policies.