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Site Visit Protocol

School Leadership Roundtable

Includes Executive Director/Principal and Governing Council Chair.

School Presentation (45 minutes): School will be emailed the questions/topics below that they will need to cover in addition to some specific questions the renewal team has about their application. The process of how the information is presented will be left up to the school.

    • Overview of the school’s mission and vision
    • Overview of a typical day for students
    • Overview of goals and how they will impact student achievement
    • What is your plan for working with English Language Learner students?
    • What is your plan for working with students with disabilities?
    • How will you approach the sometimes complex issues that accompany students who have an IEP and multiple diagnoses?
    • Describe the schools discipline policies and practices.
    • What opportunities will there be for parental involvement and input in the school’s governance?
    • Describe how your school is long-term financially viable.

Questions from Review Team: (15 minutes)

School Tour

School tour (30 minutes): will need to include classroom visits and interaction with students, teachers, and other staff.

Student Roundtable

Student Roundtable (30 minutes): the school will select a diverse group of students that are willing to share confidentially about their choice to choose the school 

    • Why did you choose this school?
    • What does the school do to support student success?
    • Tell us about your experiences here.