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Evaluation Standards

About the Renewal Review

The renewal review team will make a consensus recommendation to the APS Board of Education based on the completed renewal application, the charter school renewal site visit, status reports provided by APS departments, and, if applicable, the New Mexico Public Education Department.

The following questions guide the renewal team’s recommendation regarding renewal and are based upon the four reasons that a chartering authority must determine a charter school has violated in order to refuse to renew a charter pursuant to Subsection K of Section 22-8B-12 NMSA 1978.

  1. Has the school committed a material violation of any of the conditions, standards, or procedures set forth in the charter?
    The school’s charter defines the terms under which it proposes to operate and defines the measurable goals the school agreed to meet. The renewal team will analyze the evidence presented in the report from the school’s current chartering authority regarding their determination of whether the school has committed a material violation of its charter.
  2. Has the school failed to meet or make substantial progress toward the achievement of the PED’s minimum educational standards or student performance standards identified in the charter application?
    The renewal team will examine student achievement data on required state tests and on other measures set forth in the preliminary renewal analysis.
  3. Has the school failed to meet generally accepted standards of fiscal management?
    The renewal will rely on documentary evidence based on the reports from the APS Finance Department, documents submitted by the school, and the school’s audits with regard to whether the school has met generally accepted standards of fiscal management.
  4. Has the school violated any provision of law from which the charter school was not specifically exempted?
    The renewal team will rely on documentary evidence gathered by the Charter School Office or, if applicable, NMPED staff during the term of the school’s charter to determine if the school has compiled a record of substantial compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations.

Charter Renewal Rubric

The Charter Renewal Team members will utilize a rubric to evaluate each renewal application.  It is helpful to review the Charter Renewal Team Rubric which the team will use to evaluate your renewal application.

APS Charter Renewal Rubric - 2024