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About Charter Renewal

About Charter Renewals

The documents in the Renewal Toolkit were created to assist you in the creation and submission of your school’s charter renewal application with Albuquerque Public Schools (APS). 

The APS Charter Schools Office will form a renewal team of seven members to review the renewal application and develop a consensus recommendation to the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education.  The APS Board of Education will make a final determination on the renewal and may decide to renew, renew with conditions, or deny. 

Renewal Options

Renewing charter schools have the option to seek renewal from either their local chartering authority (district) or the Public Education Commission (PEC) as the state chartering authority. All renewal applications must be submitted on October 1st of the year prior to when the contract expires.  In accordance with Subsection A of NMAC, the chartering authority must then rule in a public meeting on the renewal of the application no later than January 1 of the fiscal year in which the charter expires.

About the Renewal Application

The renewal application is comprised of four parts: 

  1. Part 1 – School's Executive Summary
  2. Part 2 – Record of Performance (Self-Report)
  3. Part 3 – Plans for the Next Charter Term (Strategic Plan)
  4. Part 4 – ADDENDUM [ONLY for School Transferring from NM PEC]
  5. APPENDIX [For BOTH Renewal and Transfer Charter Schools]

Charter Renewal Toolkit

Charter Schools Contract Dates

APS Charter School Contract Dates - Alphabetical (PDF)

For More Information

Please contact APS Charter School Office at (505) 878-6187 with any questions regarding renewal.

This page was last updated on: November 20, 2019.