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Charter School Community Complaint Process

Charter School Community Complaint Process

APS Charter School Community Complaint Process

Albuquerque Public Schools serves as the authorizer of APS charter schools, balancing charter school autonomy with protecting student and public interests. Because of this, community members are encouraged to work with the school to solve issues in alignment with the school’s policies and procedures.

The New Mexico Charter Schools Act articulates that an authorizer may conduct appropriate inquiries and investigations. (NMSA 1978 §22-8B-12)

When a community member contacts the APS Office of Innovation and School Choice with a complaint about an APS-authorized charter school the following process is followed:

  • The community member’s contact information will be gathered and the concern recorded.
  • The community member will be directed to work with the school’s leadership, including the governing board, to address the concern. The charter school leader will be contacted to inform them of the complaint.
  •  If the concern may implicate the health and safety of students or staff, or if there is an allegation which violates federal or state law, the Office of Innovation and School Choice will investigate.
  • New Mexico Public Education Department, Options for Parents and Families Division Complaint Policy and Procedure
Community complaints can be directed to Dr. Joseph Escobedo, Senior Director, Office of Innovation and School Choice, by email at or by phone (505) 880-3790.