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Part I: School's Executive Summary

Part 1 Instructions

You will be asked to provide an overview of a typical day at your school along with your Record of Academic Performance in this part.

Section A: Typical School Day

Provide an overview of a student's typical day at your school. Feel free to use a media format of your choice to best represent your students' experience. For example: a digital video, recorded presentation, a narrative, or a written response.

Question 1: Describe how the student experience aligns to your mission. Give specific examples of how the student experience at your school is unique. (1 -3 paragraphs)

Question 2: Describe the typical student that you serve. Describe how the school’s programs are designed to support this student population. (1 page)

NOTE: If you are a school that is Transferring from the NM PEC, it is important that you include the items in the ADDENDUM for PART 1.