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Part I: School's Executive Summary

Part 1 Instructions

You will be asked to provide an overview of your school's mission and how a typical day for your student aligns to this mission and your school's vision. You will also highlight key demographics of your school and current enrollment figures. 

Section A: Mission, Vision, and Goals

Question 1: Re-state your school’s mission and vision. What were your MSGs and did you achieve them? Provide evidence. (1 page) 

Task 1: Provide evidence of outcomes related to Mission Specific Goals and briefly describe the measures established in the charter contract related to performance on MSGs. (1 page)

Section B: Educational Program

Question 1: Describe how the student experience aligns to your mission. Give specific examples of how the student experience at your school is unique. (1-2 paragraphs) 


Question 2: Describe the typical student that you serve. Describe how the school’s programs are designed to support this student population. (1-3 paragraphs)


Question 3: How does your school enhance the APS School of Choice Portfolio? (1-3 paragraphs)

Section C: Governing Council

You will provide the following information for your current governing council members:

  • Name
  • Professional Occupation
  • Role on Council
  • Number of Years on Council

Section D: Community and Local Connections

Question 1: Describe how you have engaged “community” within the strategic planning process. Include a brief description of community participation and input. (1-2 paragraphs) 

Question 2: Who was involved in the strategic planning process and what were their roles? (1 paragraph)

Section E: Enrollment and Demographics

You will provide the following information as it stands in this charter term:

  • Total Enrollment
  • Population by Gender
  • Population by Race/Ethnicity
  • Special Population Figures such as students with disabilities, ELL's, homeless students, and students who qualify for free/reduced lunches

NOTE: If you are a school that is Transferring from the NM PEC, it is important that you include the items in the ADDENDUM for PART 1.