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Part 4: ADDENDUM (Only for Schools Transferring from NM PEC)

Schools that are transferring from the New Mexico Public Education Commission (NM PEC) are required to provide additional information. Part 4 is an addendum that outlines the additional information required for transfer schools. Please include the following required elements for transfers in the appropriate Part (1-2) sections of the renewal application. Keeping it together in the original Parts will provide a seamless flow of information for the readers.

Part 1—School’s Executive Summary

These instructions include the additional sections that need to be added to Part 1 of the Application.

B. Current Year Enrollment & Demographics

Provide the school's current enrollment and demographic information by completing the table(s) with current numbers.


  • Number of Students Enrolled
  • Number of Students on the Wait List
  • School’s Enrollment Cap
  • Grades that School Enrolls
  • Number Male Students
  • Number Female Students


  • Number of Hispanic Students
  • Number of Asian Students
  • Number of Black Students
  • Number of Native American Students
  • Number of White Students
  • Number of 2 or more

Special Populations

  • Number of Students with Disabilities
  • Number of English Language Learners
  • Number of Homeless Students
  • Number Eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch

C. School’s Mission and Vision 

Provide a brief description of the school including; the school’s mission and vision, educational programs, leadership and governance, and community engagement.

Share the following information about your school:

  1. Question 1: Provide the school’s mission statement (1-3 paragraphs)
  2. Question 2: Provide the school’s vision statement (if applicable) (1-3 paragraphs)
  3. Question 3: Describe how the student experience aligns to the mission. Give specific examples of how the student experience is unique to your mission (1-3 paragraphs)
  4. Question 4: Describe the typical student you serve. Describe how your school's program is designed to support that population. (1 page)

Part 2 — Record of Performance (Self-Report)

For Schools Transferring from NM PEC, we require additional information about how you plan to provide Special Education Services.

A.  Academic Performance/Educational Plan

B.  Organizational Performance

D.  Financial Performance