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APPENDIX (For Renewal and Transfer Schools)

APS Charter Renewal Application APPENDIX Overview

The Charter Renewal Application APPENDIX is the document in which the school will include all of its graphic elements and scanned files.

Once you have collected all of the required digital documents, graphics, or scanned pages for the items listed in the Appendix. Assemble all files or merge them together into a single .pdf file and submit this .pdf along with your Renewal Application (.docx).

Elements to include in the Appendix:

  • Facility documents (E Occupancy certificate and digital scan of lease and/or purchase agreement
  • Petitions of Support from Employees and Households
  • Lease documents with amendments
  • Performance Framework Reports
  • Charter Amendment Requests

Update on Petitions of Support from Employees and Households 

Charter Schools may collect signatures of support from their employees and households utilizing online forms.For example – a completed Google Form/Petition that includes:

  • email address
  • individual’s first name last name
  • checkbox selected to signify support of Charter Renewal).

Sample Google Forms are available on the APS Charter Renewal Application Instructions. The notarized forms can be signed via digital signature.