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Family Engagement

We provide support for Title I Public, Charter, and Private Schools in Family Engagement.

Title I Family Engagement Quick Links

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What We Do

We provide support for Title I Public, Charter, and Private Schools in Family Engagement in the following ways:

Provide technical assistance with planning of your School Family Engagement Policy and School Compact

  • Provide information and answers to questions regarding the Title I budget
  • Guidance on how to best spend Title I Family Engagement dollars
  • Facilitate Professional Development around building capacity and engaging families
  • Provide survey opportunities to use family input to inform family engagement programs
  • Offer phone, email, and direct site Family Engagement support throughout the year
  • Obtain family input through quarterly Family Advisory Council Meetings - All are welcome! -Contact Nancy Davenport for more information

APS Title I Values Your Voice and the Perspectives of Families

We invite you to participate in the Title I Family Advisory Council.  Dates for council meetings for the 2024-25 school year will be posted as they become available.


Title I Parent & Family Advisory
Council Meeting Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are common questions parents/staff have asked about the Title I Family Engagement.

Can we spend Title I money on cakes for the end-of-the-year celebrations?

No, Title I dollars are to support parents in working with their children in academic areas in reading, math, and science.

Can we use Title I dollars to pay for background checks for parents wanting to volunteer in the classroom?

Yes, funds can come from a school’s Title I Family Engagement "Other Charges" account or other Title I accounts. First, check the APS website under "background and fingerprinting" for the latest information on the process.  This will be a school-by-school decision with the principal and parent group, based on the goals and amount of funds available.

How often do we need to revise our School Family Engagement Policy and Compact?

The Policy and Compact must be revised with families annually.  Participation must be documented.

Do we need to change our School Family Engagement Policy every year?

No, If the parent action team or other interested parents have had a chance to review the policy and elect not to make changes, it will only need to be updated (contact information, volunteer coordinator, revision date, school year).  Schools are required to provide documentation related to the revision meetings: agenda, sign-in sheets, and minutes of all meetings, flyers, or newsletters advertising the meetings held to revise School Family Engagement Policies and Compacts. 

Why do we need a Title I Annual Meeting every year?

It is a requirement to inform families of the opportunities for involvement, decision-making, and volunteer opportunities at their school.  It is a time to share what your school is doing to ensure success. Parents need to know that they have a voice in how Title I dollars are spent in their school in both the regular Title I budget and Title I family engagement funds.

This page was last updated on: September 13, 2018.

Contact Information

Nancy Davenport, Resource Teacher, Family Engagement

(505) 253-0330, ext.67017

Physical Address:
912 Oak Street SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 (Google Maps)
Building M - Title I