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Student Information Systems (SIS)

SIS is responsible for student information collection, management, storage, and retrieval. We manage Synergy, SSRS, Online Registration (OLR), and ParentVUE/StudentVUE. Find STARS reporting dates.

OAR Student Information Systems

Our Mission and Vision

To ensure the collection, management, storage and accessibility of student information is efficient, effective and provided accurately and timely to key stakeholders for informed decision making while maintaining strict standards of confidentiality.

To take the collected data elements and create useable, meaningful information to aid the district in making informed decisions.


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STARS Reporting Dates

Reporting dates dictate when APS will extract student data and submit it to the NMPED. The NMPED reviews the data to ensure compliance and allot funding to the District. Before the next reporting date, verify that student data is correct in Synergy and resolve errors in the Certify Scorecard.

Table of Count Dates
40 Day October 12, 2022 Second Wednesday of October
80 Day December 1, 2022 December 1 OR First Working Day
120 Day February 8, 2023 Second Wednesday of February
End of Year May 25, 2023 Traditional last day of school
End of Year June 1, 2023 Extended last day of school

Contact Information

Main Phone: (505) 872-6847
Fax: (505) 872-6862

Physical Address:
6400 Uptown Blvd. NE Suite 400 East Albuquerque, NM 87110 Map