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Employee Wellness News

Posted: September 15, 2021

September 2021 Wellness Newsletter

2022 Open/Switch Enrollment, the annual Wellness Fair, new wellness programs, and more fitness & nutrition trends in the news!

graphic with basic open enrollment information.

Open/Switch Enrollment

Open/switch enrollment for eligible APS employees will be held completely online through Winocular Workspace Wednesday, October 6- Friday, October 15. You will be receiving email notifications with links to engage the process should you wish to enroll, re-enroll, switch health plan carriers, or add/drop dependents. Winoclular is the same platform for APS job applications and annual contracts.

All 2022 health plan information including comparison grids and premium payroll deduction sheets are available on

Information sessions begin Monday, Sept.27 with an overview presentation at 3:30 pm on Google meets. A list of all virtual presentations and Google meet codes, is available on the open enrollment landing page.  Google meet codes are in the APS Employee Wellness event calendar

Engage & Win! We are having prize raffles for those who attend information sessions!

APS Employee Wellness Fair

The employee wellness fair is Thursday, Oct. 7, 8:00-3:30 pm. This will be a masked and hand-sanitized event and it will also be very much like traditional wellness fairs!  Links to schedule mammograms, blood donations, and detailed vaccination information are on the open enrollment landing page.

Here are some of the vendors and activities for the day: 

  • Vaccinations (flu, COVID, pneumonia, tdap)
  • Mammograms
  • Blood donor drive
  • Blood pressure screens
  • Talk to a Wellness Coach
  • Fitness demos from local gyms and some of our very own APS employees! (outside)
  • Mini-farmers market
  • Assistance with online open enrollment 
  • APS benefits vendors BCBS, Presbyterian, THNM, Cigna, NMERB, NMRHCA, Delta Dental, Davis Vision, ASI-Flex, and more. 
  • Local area businesses and community organizations. 

There will be QR code prize drawings and Vendor Q&A prizes!

Make the Connection with Employee Wellness Programs 

Engage in your wellness with some of these APS wellness programs!