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July 2024 Employee Wellness Newsletter

Posted July 10, 2024, 3:19 PM. Updated July 10, 2024, 3:19 PM.

Celebrate July and take time to care for you well-being with this summer check-list, APS employee wellness incentive program, Hinge Health & more wellness trends in the news!

Summer fun checklist

Wellness Wire - Adopt a Summer State of Mind

Not coming from the school district world it took me a while to understand the different rhythms of work cycles throughout our organization. While some of you have down-shifted from a very busy, stressful year, others are gearing up to lay the foundation for next year, and then there's summer school! I realize for some of you it's just a constant run like a mouse on the squeaky wheel that never stops.

 But, there is a sense of summer I find inherently invigorating.  It's as if every year we emerge from whatever cold and limiting situations we've weathered and there's summer waiting with warmth to hug us back to a state of well-being. It allows us the opportunity to enhance our physical and emotional well-being with bright early mornings and longer, warmer days. We can wake to the sun peaking through the eastern horizon and walk late into the evening as it sets to the west.  I don't know if just the tilt to the Earth's axis lending more length to our days, the sight and sound of hummingbirds like mini-jet planes careening through the trees fighting for fuel, the smell of dirt from gardening, or the taste of fresh tomatoes on the vine, but summer can revitalize a weary soul and rekindle languishing motivation. 

I'd love for us to hold on to this summer state of mind all year but, for now, you've earned this. Whether you've wrapped up the school year and packed up a classroom or shuffling through 100 + emails and work orders, you deserve to actualize a greater sense of emotional, mental, and physical well-being. My encouragement to you is to take a look at the graphic above and try one or more of the items on the list. Notice the residual wellness results when you accomplish something new, push your boundaries, intentionally shift a negative mindset, or slow down with nature. 

Summer also gives us time to address those nagging aches and pains, and certain - let's say, unfavorable - lifestyle behaviors that took over while we were busy working overtime and caring for everyone else's needs but our own. This downtime is the perfect time to nurture your well-being with support from APS Employee Wellness resources. Keep scrolling below for more information on these programs. 

  • Do you have muscle, joint, or back pain or limited strength and mobility? Hinge Health is a new virtual physical and exercise therapy program. 
  • Are stress & mental health struggles affecting your lifestyle habits? Manage diabetes, high blood pressure, weight loss/obesity, and mental health with Livongo
  • APS EAP services offer free, confidential counseling and continue through the summer.
  • Life on Mindfulness - Meditation reduces stress, anxiety, and depression and enhances overall well-being. Check the APS Wellness Event calendar for more information. 

Register Anytime For The New Wellness at Work Well-being Platform & Earn Rewards!

Wellness at work

APS partners with The Solutions Group to bring you a variety of well-being programs as well as the Wellness at Work platform and employee wellness incentive program. We are happy to announce our well-being program had a significant upgrade in the transition to a new platform called Virgin Pulse.

The wellness program through the Solutions Group is still called "Wellness at Work" but the platform is hosted on Virgin Pulse.

The new mobile app has enhanced wellness options, easier access, and simplified activity syncing.

Complete instructions to register are on the Employee Wellness Incentive Program pageFollow the instructions according to which APS Benefits health plan you have or join under "non-covered, full-time employee" if you don't take APS medical benefits. *This program is open to all full-time APS Employees. 

Note: If you are a full-time APS employee covered as a dependent under the Presbyterian Health Plan, or ANY health plan, register as a 'non-covered' APS employee. If you are a full-time employee NOT covered by APS Benefits plan, register under "non-covered" APS employee. 

Is Chronic Pain, Mobility & Lack of Strength Affecting Your Well-being?

 APS employee teacher testimonial about how Hinge Health has helped her.

Get the relief you need to feel and function better with this NEW virtual physical therapy program by Hinge Health. 

Hinge Health gives you the tools to conquer joint and muscle pain including back, neck, knee, and shoulder pain, recover from injuries, prepare for surgery, and stay healthy and pain-free.

Learn more and register for the program. Begin your journey today with a physical therapist and health coach team!

Hinge Health is available at no cost to employees and eligible dependents covered under the APS Benefits plans.   

Conquer High Blood Pressure, Diabetes & Weight With This One Solution - Livongo!

 Livongo helped this employee with high blood pressure and health eating

Livongo is a holistic program that empowers people with chronic illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and other health challenges to feel better and do more. 

Livongo is an integrated solution with free 1-1 health coaching, mental health support, and connected device monitoring.  Depending on your health condition you'll receive a blood pressure cuff, glucose meter/test strips, and/or connected scale. It's all seamlessly integrated through a mobile app with results you can share with your doctor. 

*This is a free program for all employees and eligible dependents under the APS Benefits plans. 

Getting started is easy!  

  • Text “GO APS” to 85240 to learn more and join
  • Join by visiting
  • Call 800-945-4355 and use the registration code: APS

Schedule Pet Therapy

This is for APS employees. If you would like to offer your staff or department a couple of hours of furry-cuddle-stress-relieving therapy time, fill out this request form. Please note that accommodations must be made for any colleagues who have allergies to dogs. 

Wellness & Nutrition Trends In The News

News: Mental Health Benefits of Physical Activity

Fit pros can remind clients not only of the physical benefits of training but also of the mental health benefits of physical activity.. 

Nutrition: Microbiome and Weight Gain

Researchers discovered a link between the composition of the gut microbiome and weight gain due to energy extraction. 

Mind-Body: Does Timing of Exercise Matter?

Analysis of data found that any timing of exercise, moderate to vigorous, is linked with lower risks of all causes of death.

Recipe: Tex-Mex Nacho Salad

The anthocyanins in some fruits and veggies—like what's in this Tex-Mex nacho salad—appear to help with various chronic conditions.

Fitness Handout: Summer Self-Care Tips

The past years have been a rough road for most people, and now is a great time to review some summer self-care tips.