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College Credit in High School

College & Career High School allows students to get their high school diploma while earning a two-year college degree, certificate, or credits toward a bachelor’s degree. Tuition and textbooks are free! 

The Early College Academy is a college-prep magnet high school and sister school to the Career Enrichment Center. Classes are offered to 200 students in a small school environment. ECA classes are scheduled in the morning so that students may take CEC, UNM, or CNM classes in the afternoon. UNM and CNM classes may apply toward an associate or university degree. 

More Information

Contact College & Career HS at (505) 224-4880.

Career-Based Learning

The Career Enrichment Center (CEC) is a magnet school that provides advanced, in-depth learning opportunities. Students from all Albuquerque high schools can choose unique courses from various career areas, including nursing, emergency, pre- and veterinary medicine, computers, engineering, health, languages, business, and vocational classes. CEC’s distinctive programs attract many students from all geographic areas and socioeconomic groups in Albuquerque. The blending of strong academic, career, and technical classes enhances the education of students.

CEC was a National Blue Ribbon School in 2019, recognized for overall academic achievement.

More Information

Contact the Career Enrichment Center and Early College Academy at (505) 247-3658. CEC/ECA is for students from all Albuquerque high schools.

Rigorous College Prep

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, located at Sandia High School, is designed as an academically challenging and balanced program of education that prepares students for success at the university level and beyond. The program is taught over 2 years, the junior and senior years, and has gained recognition and respect from the world’s leading universities.

More Information

Contact the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program at (505) 294-1511,, or.

Project-Based Learning

nex+Gen Academy High School is a small community school that emphasizes project-based learning,  self-motivation, and autonomy in a collaborative working environment. Students are expected to build and demonstrate mastery of standards in core content through technology integration. Technology is viewed as a professional tool to advance student work. nex+Gen is a part of the New Tech Network.

More Information

Contact nex+Gen Academy at (505) 878-6400.

Music, Art, Dance, Drama

All APS schools are supported by the district's Fine Arts Department, which provides direct instruction in drama, music, and visual arts. The department supports nearly 50 events each year in addition to the many fine arts activities happening on school campuses, including competitions, concerts, community performances, art and photography exhibits, drama festivals, and musicals. 

APS Fine Arts works closely with community partners, including the New Mexico Philharmonic, Santa Fe Opera, Popejoy Hall Schooltime Series, the University of New Mexico, the Albuquerque Museum, and many others, to ensure our students have access to the best fine arts our city has to offer.

APS Fine Arts also works with national partners like the Metropolitan Opera of New York and the Kennedy Center to ensure our teachers and students have access to world-class resources and information to support their success in the classroom and beyond.

More Information

Contact APS Fine Arts at (505) 880-8249.

Competitive Sports 

More than 11,000 students participate in APS High School and Middle School Athletic Programs each year, learning the importance of teamwork, commitment, work ethic, the pursuit of personal excellence, persistence, patience, and integrity. 

  • High School Sports: Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Cross Country, Dance & Drill, Cheer, Basketball, Wrestling, Swimming & Diving, Baseball & Softball, Golf & Tennis, and Track and Field.
  • Middle School Sports: Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field 

More Information

Contact APS Athletics at (505) 884-9580 or

Focus on STEM  

APS has several STEM (and STEAM and STEALTH) schools and programs that encourage creativity, innovation, resourcefulness, and resiliency. STEM subjects are essential because technology is continuously expanding, and science is everywhere in the world around us. 

  • San Antonito STEM Magnet Elementary School is a Certified National Magnet School that cultivates learning excellence in all students through integrated academic and environmental STEM experiences.
  • Inez Elementary Science & Technology Magnet School promotes in each individual lifelong learning and skillful participation in a changing world, with an emphasis on science, technology, and their applications.
  • Engineering the Future is a K-12 STEM pathway at Mission Avenue Elementary school, Garfield STEM Magnet and Community School, and Valley High School. The free program, the first of its kind in Albuquerque, teaches students to learn to think like engineers and create solutions to real-world problems. 

More Information

Contact the APS Office of Innovation at (505) 880-3753 for more information on STEM and other magnet schools.

Online Learning

APS offers a full-time, online learning option for students in all grades.

eCADEMY High School is committed to providing a high-quality education tailored to your student's needs. Students who may benefit from eCADEMY include those who:

  • Don’t fit in a traditional high school setting 
  • Prefer learning at home during the pandemic
  • Seek a more personalized approach to learning 
  • Are homebound or hospital-bound 
  • Need to recover credits or earn college credits 
  • Need flexibility in their daily schedule to accommodate work, parenting, sports, dual credit learning, or other responsibilities 
  • Wish to develop their 21st-century skills to increase college and career readiness

eCADEMY K8 is an APS magnet school for students in kindergarten through eighth grade offering a comprehensive curriculum, a teacher/student ratio comparable to traditional classrooms, district-provided technology for each enrolled student, and school/home partnerships to ensure student success.

More Information

Dual Language Programs

APS has several dual-language schools such as Coronado and Longfellow elementary schools and Hayes Middle School, where students speak and learn in both English and Spanish.

Students also can earn a bilingual seal on their diploma by completing a dual language program in high school. In recognition of the importance of bilingualism and biliteracy, the bilingual seal pathway provides students with an opportunity to acquire a district seal and a State of New Mexico Bilingualism and Biliteracy Seal in Spanish, Native American languages (Navajo and Zuni), and foreign languages (French, German and Chinese) on their high school diploma.

More Information

  • Dual language and heritage language programs: Contact Language and Cultural Equity at (505) 881-9429 or
  • Specific school bilingual program information: Contact your child's school.

Specialized Programs

In Albuquerque Public Schools, all students belong. And ALL means ALL. APS supports students according to their individualized needs, ensuring quality of access to all educational services in an inclusive community. One in five APS students receives special education services. These include:

  • Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing Services
  • Developmental Preschool
  • District Comprehensive Support Services including Intensive Global Support, Social Communication Support, and Social Emotional Support
  • Extended School Year
  • Gifted Education
  • Homebound Services
  • Least Restrictive Environment Support (Cross Categorical)
  • Related Services
  • Transition Services
  • Visual Impairment Services

More Information

Contact APS Special Education at (505) 855-9900 or .